There are some artist who are part of the family!


Claire Munro
A fusion out of folk, pop and some influences from jazz - that 's CLAIRE MUNRO. Fantastic lyrics and a great sense for rythem and composing, just listen and enjoy!


Maciek Pysz
Spanish, Jazz guitar player. We simply say, "a guitar player in passion". He creates excellent guitar plays which stands out in itself.

Patrick Alavi

Patrick Alavi
House, Funk, Pop and more, this is realy a strange man who lives in a cellar but makes mixes for the Top. He has his own label and many projects. It is quite difficult to follow up with his success!


Indie Soul Movement
A fusion out of Georg M., M.Jackson and Funk, that's Indie Soul Movement. They have released their first CD and they are preparing their second one. So, look out and listen!